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A few years ago, love for soup inspired us to create and perfect the recipe of a quick dissolving chicken powder. The launch of this chicken powder required a name and “Dashi“ being a specific type of stock, essential for all Japanese soups, was an appropriate choice. Appreciation for quality and taste from the consumers lead us to move ahead and today we are known as the pioneers of the said category in Pakistan.

About Us

We are a group of young energetic people dedicated to innovate and produce new food products for convenience with taste. Since 2009, Dashi International has been at the forefront of crafting convenience food with an unwavering commitment to taste and quality. Our diverse range, from chicken seasoning powder to instant soups, embodies the essence of culinary excellence. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a Halal-certified process, each product reflects our dedication to excellence. We offer various packaging options to cater to different needs and welcome collaborations through private label and distributor brand proposals. Join us in redefining the realm of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food, where every bite tells a story of innovation, flavor, and unparalleled convenience.

About Us

Company Profile

Speciality Sales is working since 2009 in convenience food sector i.e. (ready to cook food, ready to eat food) categories with Quality based and economical price targeting to serve the mass population of Pakistan and different parts of the world under the proud flagship of “Made in Pakistan” along with Halal Certification with our central office at Hill Trade Center Karachi and manufacturing, packaging facility in Hub industrial estate, Balouchistan.

Over the last few years we have multiplied our production capacity, we have diversified the possibilities of packaging, being able to pack multiple formats of packaging, both for the HORECA channel and for food industrial companies. We have expanded the range of products, have implemented advanced quality control systems adapted to international regulations and modernized the facilities with the latest technologies.

Our Availability

We are currently present in most of the leading hospitality, restaurant, catering and consumer food stores nationally and we seek to export our products around the world.

Our Purpose

We believes that wholesome, nutritious food should be accessible and affordable to all. That’s not a reality for everyone in today.

That’s why we’re on a journey to ensure healthy meals they feel good about.

Whether it’s creating high-quality products, offering simple chef-developed recipes, or supporting organizations and initiatives that provide access to healthy foods, Dashi International remains committed to its long history of making good food available to everyone.

Philosophy, Quality, Efficiency and Service

Speciality Sales was born with the clear objective of responding to the new food needs, the result of the new habits of a modern society, demanding with its diet, both in terms of taste and quality. Our main commitment is continuous improvement in both products and services. This, together with the human staff of our company who have extensive experience in the food sector, has made us achieve a bond between the latest technologies and the most traditional cuisine, which is reflected in all our products. Thanks to our customers' suggestions, our R&D department is continuously researching and developing new products better suited to the new demands of an increasingly changing and more personalized market.


Speciality Sales is currently in the convenience food market under the Brand name “Dashi International”, “Funchies”, “Mingalz”. Dashi International Brand producing instant Powder Mix like chicken powder, soups, Lime powder, kheer powder, Crispy Fried Chicken coating, raita masala, flavored cubes, bread crumbs, non-dairy whip cream, crackers, gol gappay/pani purri. Funchies Mingalz producing breakfast cereals, chocolate paste, and waffle cones. We also produce Cleaning products like Stainless steel scourer, sponge, Dish wash, hand wash, toilet cleaner and window glass cleaner.


The products can be delivered in various types of packaging. Single wrapped products, Bulk products or shelf ready packaging serving the retail, hyper marts, professional horeca and industrial categories.

Services & Custom Projects

Speciality Sales has the facilities to be able to manufacture custom projects and packaging for white labels, either with products from our range or new developments, our R&D department develops custom products for each customer and their needs.

Area of Interest


Our Vision

Innovating convenient food products based on Quality standardsin affordable prices adding taste to your life.

Our Goal

To serve convenient food products in ready to make and ready to eat category, to every Household, with Economical price and Quality.